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Alisha Marie McDonald was born April 5, 1993 in Riverside, California. She is 27 years old. Her parents are Jeffery McDonald and Christine McDonald. Alisha has a sister named Ashley Nichole McDonald, who is 30 years old, and a brother named Matthew R McDonald who is 36. Alisha went to Arrowhead Christian High School and Riverside City College.  

Alisha is known as AlishaMarie on YouTube. She makes lifestyle videos and vlogs. She currently has 8.2 million subscribers on her main channel and 3.1 million on her vlog channel! Alisha is a very well known YouTuber and actor and created videos such as Roomate Wars, Testing life-hacks, Try-Ons, Challenges, Girls vs Boys, Collabs, etc. Currently, she has brought her channel to a more lifestyle side with Fashion and Healthy lifestyle videos. She does vlogs often on her vlog channel, AlishaMarieVlogs where she goes around her days. Alisha Marie has also amazing editing tech-niches for her videos. It sometimes takes her at least 7 hours to edit one video.

Alisha also loves to do Vlogmas during Christmas, which is when YouTubers vlog daily from December 1st until the 25th. In 2017, Alisha actually vlogged the whole of December in the spirit of vlogging. She has an amazing fandom called the Macbbys and they all love her so much. She has tons of fan pages that do edits for her that they work super hard on.

She also has a podcast with her best friend Remi Ashten called Pretty Basic, and it's actually really cool and gives amazing advice from their personal experiences.

Alisha also recently came out with her very own Merchandise, creating clothes with her brand name on it and some Iconic Alisha Marie phrases like "k bye" and "so extra".

Go follow her on Instagram: @Alisha and Twitter: @alishamarie

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